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How we work

The Lazy Landlord provides value-added Services to Hosts and Guests through the use of Accommodations principally through Third Party Platforms.


The Lazy Landlord provides Services to Hosts that register on the Site.  The Lazy Landlord assists Hosts with preparing and properly marketing their Accommodations, including suggesting an optimal price for the listing of an Accommodation.   The Lazy Landlord helps Hosts by interacting with potential guests to answer questions and arrange a stay.  The Lazy Landlord may also arrange professional third party vendors to provide guest management services before, during and after the Guests stay, including scheduling professional cleanings and disaster management.  Hosts are subject to the host Service Agreement.

Little Landlords

The Little Landlords are the Hosts personal manager. The Little Landlord will begin by visiting the Hosts premises, doing a Home assessment and work closely with the Host to create a thorough and creative Listing. This Listing is then posted across more than 60 different Third Party Platforms. The Little Landlord will manage these Listings as well as the Calendars, Enquiries, and Guest Communication. In the case of The Platinum Package, the Little Landlord will also provide the Complete Management of the premises as arranged between the Host and the Little Landlord.


The Lazy Landlord may provide Services to Guests that have responded to a Host’s posting on a Third Party Platform. The Lazy Landlord or its third party vendors may assist guests or potential guests with questions regarding a listing or booking for a Guest’s Accommodation, communicate with Guests regarding arrival and departure and provide guest support. Guests are subject to the Guest Service Agreement.